Thread: update on the suspiciously performative stunt by #LetitiaMontana yesterday.

Part of her scheme appeared to also be about promoting a disinformation FB group called “Moms Against Distancing”, or “MAD”.
Examining this shady group, a few things stand out. #ONpoli #COVID19
2. The group was started 2 weeks ago by a rave promoter named Chris Sky, aka Chris Sarcoccia, & his wife “Jenny Dee”. Neither of whom are “moms”.

At only 2 weeks old, the FB group nevertheless has over 6,060 members.

@Facebook #COVID19 #ONpoli
3. The “MAD” FB group has posting after posting about conspiracy theories & troll farm disinformation memes.

Also included are anti-Trudeau posts & pro Trump. #COVID19 #ONpoli #cdnpoli
4. But something else noteworthy stood out too. There appeared to be a significant # of fake FB account ‘members’ also sharing conspiracy theory propaganda & troll farm memes, including, of course, the obligatory troll factory anti-Trudeau memes. #ONpoli #LetitiaMontana #cdnpoli
5. So, who is Chris Sky, aka Chris Saccoccia?

@VestsCanada did some investigating into this far right connected EDM promoter.

#ONpoli #LetitiaMontana
6. #LetitiaMontana’s stunt was entirely staged. Chris “Sky” Saccoccia appears to encourage members of this disinformation FB group to perform these stunts & video them (again, a group this childless male called “MOMS Against Distancing”!!!) #ONpoli
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