I'm going through the PPP Texas data, and here's my first takeaway: A zillion businesses and non-profits I encountered on a regular basis growing up there and when I'm home got these loans. PPP loans are very much supporting the companies that are a part of everyday life.
Some interesting finds: Mi Tierra restaurant in SA. Joe T's in Fort Worth. Lucchese boots in El Paso. Alamo Drafthouse is in the top bracket of $5-10m.
More PPP loans: The pre-school I attended, MADD, Kerbey Lane in ATX, the Houston rodeo, Alamo Drafthouse, Pappas restaurants, the trucking company of a family for whom I babysat for as a kid....
More Texas PPP loans: Billy Bob's in FW, at least two branches of Planned Parenthood, First Baptist Church of Dallas, Camp Longhorn, Pine Cove (another camp), lots of area food banks, lots of private schools
And a disclosure I should have noted earlier: The Texas Tribune is the recipient of about $1.1 million in PPP loans, as we note in all of our PPP stories.
More Texas PPP loans: Colonial Country Club in FW (site of the annual PGA tournament), the Kimball Art Foundation of FW, a pair of Girl Scout branches, every car dealership in the state of Texas that has a jingle I cannot forget, the Statler Hotel of Dallas
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