I have been working @Tesco over the last few months due to COVID-19 as a temporary employee.

There have been numerous accounts of racism from the online delivery manager at Tesco Gallions Reach.


Receipts Below.
Here is my formal grievance letter after being told by the Gallions Reach Store Manager that I could make the complaint on behalf of the younger girls.
I asked numerous times what the procedure was and I was told repeatedly that as long as the girls made statements I could write the grievance on their behalf.
A manger from Bromley by Bow Tesco came in to take statements from me, witness’ and 2 of the girls who the comment was made to.

‘All of you look the same’
To a group of 4 black girls ... *see receipts in previous comments*
After around a week of interviews being conducted and statements being written I heard nothing back ...

Finally I confronted the store manager regarding the outcome.

The next day I received this letter...

I was told my complaint was void as it did not happen to me directly..
Each time being told as long as they give their statements then I can.

Then another racist attack happened

A black night shift worker was verbally attacked during an argument with a white online personal shopper.

He was called a ‘Black C**t’ twice in front of the online delivery manager (in red) AND many witness’
... he’s contract was extended.
This attack is now being investigated as someone else had to put the grievance forward because again management did nothing.

@Tesco what happened to 0 tolerance against racism?!
After a meeting over a month ago about the initial incident.

The online delivery manager (in red) has now decided to come forward to put in a racial grievance against me ...
a white manager who has not been punished for her blatant racism.
What I actually said was

‘I understand that as Poland is not as racially diverse as the UK - she may not know the phrases which are racist and derogatory towards black people’

This apparently makes me racist a whole month later AFTER another 2 racial grievances against her..
I have now resigned as I cannot work underneath such blatant institutional racism. Temporary COVID-19 money is not worth my morals.

This is all my own accounts and I am standing up and calling out the UK’s biggest employer.

Formal complaints have not worked
@Tesco @tesconews
Do you support #BlackLivesMatter ?
What are you going to do?
Where is your accountability?
Will you just keep brushing racism under the carpet?
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