'The Gander' is targeting #Michigan residents with exclusively pro-government, pro-Guv'nah Whitmer propaganda- with some lifestyle stories thrown in to not make it obvious. So who are they? Their owner is ACRONYM...

2) https://gandernewsroom.com/about-us/ 

Let's just ask them...

"To build progressive power we must meet audiences where they are – both online & offline – through digital advertising & organizing programs and by developing modern technological tools and infrastructure."

3) https://www.anotheracronym.org/ 
"Though ACRONYM is a 501(c)(4) Org whose funds are required to be used for social welfare causes, ACRONYM has been described as the umbrella organization for numerous for-profit, left-wing organizations has participated in numerous initiatives with the Democratic Party.

"ACRONYM has been tied to numerous organizations on the political left, running campaigns for left-of-center groups including Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, and Everytown for Gun Safety."

You can see where this is going...

Remember the Democrat Iowa Caucuses debacle (we still don't know the ACTUAL results)? Who (mis)counted those votes?

"ACRONYM launched Shadow Inc. in 2019, a technology and software development company that aims to “build political power for the progressive movement.”


Suffice it to say, Iowa Democrat voters were disenfranchised when Party leaders decided to eschew traditional vote-counting methods, and go with a Party Insider's start-up (Shadow) that was wholly owned by ACRONYM.

But back to ACRONYM's 'The Gander'. This 'News Service' is no more than a DNC Propaganda Mill posing as a real news site. In #Michigan they march in lockstep with Guv'nah #Whitmer's agenda.

The story mentioned at the top is a perfect example. On #COVID19, 'The Gander' parrots the Guv'nah's press handouts almost word-for-word. Defending her actions and 'Karen-shaming' anyone who dares disagree.

'Truth' is something in short supply from our 'Medical Overlords' & Corrupt, clueless politicians; whose arbitrary, capricious and not well-thought-out decisions (edicts) have changed more times than my grandkids diapers. Usually for the same reason.

Our economy is in shambles, people are fearful from the constant drumbeat of histrionic MSM scare-mongering based on faulty, incomplete data and flawed, woefully inaccurate 'models' from corrupt, politicized Universities- that OVERestimated deaths originally by 50×(!).

MSM doesn't tell you that WHO & CDC were AGAINST masks- before they called them 'mandatory'. Or that the original COVID19 Test Kits (From China!) Were WORSE than useless, many were CONTAMINATED with SARS CoV2...

...or that most tests gave so many false positives AND false negatives that the 'cases' number became useless- except to scare people and advance a political agenda.

16) https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200623/early-cdc-covid-19-test-kits-likely-contaminated
All mistakes, lies & wildly inaccurate info parroted by the #CorruptNews corporate MSM is conveniently swept under the rug, as a NEW round of arbitrary, capricious & not well-thought-out decisions (edicts) is issued...

...based on NEW faulty, incomplete data & flawed, woefully inaccurate 'models' from the SAME corrupt, politicized sources.

#Enough of ignorant propagandizing- End the lockdowns. Americans have 'Done the COVID-Pokey' & turned our lives around- & upside down- far too long.

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