@Shrenu_Ki_Anki2 I really miss you a lot yaar , trust me I only have 2-3 friends here , with whom I used to be in terms so much. Including you. I don't know what have happened to you yaar. Tune itne saare logo ki happy Kiya apne work se , isn't it enough.
TU Bata meko Kya ho Gaya respond nahi bhi Kiya toh ? I know Tere efforts lage , but tune in efforts se itne faces par smile layi, itna love spread Kiya , teeno fandom mein aoni special place banayi n itne ache friends earn Kare like me , jiya n many more. ++
This is more than enough , trust me one day they will definitely respond to your stuff, one day.

And even if they not , it's their fault that they missed it , not yours. Not everyone do what you have done.
Trust me not everyone has that kind of love to do things for others. You literally did things for others.

That's what matters , see how many people love you here.
I called you my sister , tbh tu check kar leain khud bhot time se Kam active rehti hoon. Main teko really bhot miss karti hoon. If you are so sad , Maine tujhe 1000 times bola hai share Kar but tu emotional pehle hi jati hai.
TBH it's a virtual world and this world is really harsh , if you won't come for more than a certain period everyone will forget you , because yaha nobody cares trust me , but I really do.
TU mujse mere saare early friends ke name poochegi na yahan ke , meko abhi bhi wo yaad hai , isliye mere se baat kar and zaada sentiments mein mat reh. Chill, you did enough , now it's @sidharth_shukla & @ishehnaaz_gill who should consider your stuff.
And koi ho na ho , main toh Hoon na to care about you, let ppl backbite , khud se pooch ye log hi kaun ?

Zaada se zaada they just have followers , no personality , no education , no brain , it's not for all but for those who backbite you
Ab chup chap wapis AA , meko Teri Sachi bhot yaad aa rahi hai n main maroongi literally
Come na cutieeeeee
I'll miss you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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