. @canada We need to talk.
Where is our economic recovery plan?
Why has nothing been done with the 2018 sector table recommendations?
Why are we not investing in the digital future?
If you're stuck. I have some ideas.
Build a trans-Canada fibre pipeline.

Roll out 5g nationwide.

Ensure reliable internet access for rural and remote areas.
Build a domestic capability to create and manufacture microchips.
Ensure digital literacy and skills for the future, including implementing mandatory coding classes from early primary to Grade 12. Teach online privacy in all of these grades as well.
Build a high-speed rail network, starting with Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor.
Repatriate critical know-how and manufacturing capabilities in key industries such as heath, aerospace, and silicon.
Launch a targeted repatriation/immigration program that would actively recruit and fund Canadians and non-Canadians living abroad with specific expertise to set up Canadian capabilities. (Pretend we run a sports team and recuit the best people to come build.)
Implement a government matching loan program to provide interest-free matching loans from $2M to $10M to proven entrepreneurs in addition to an equity stake. E.g. Proven entrepreneur invests $10M of own capital, Gov matches with interest-free loan for 10 years and 5% equity.
Rapidly scale up investments in clean energy infrastructure.
Let's get started. It's time to build the future.
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