1st Min @DUPleader talking about importance of arts/culture on @BBCgmu this AM, said the package was proof of value of being in the UK. £1.57billion is being dispensed
£1.57bn comprises:
£1.15bn (£880m grants, £270m loans) for arts/culture in England
£100m for heritage (Eng)
£120m capital investment in construction (Eng)
£188m for devolved admins; NI £33m, Scotland £97m, Wales £59m
Others can dissect how much of this is new money or old money (not sure if the capital money wasn't already there). I know for many orgs it will be the difference between survival/closure but before we completely collapse in gratitude, let's ask some questions
How much of this is plugging the gaps in @RishiSunak 's business support, furlough & self employment schemes? Economic, employment & social welfare policies need to be reformed now so that this doesn't happen again.
How much of this money is going to stop freelancers across the arts, culture & creative sector from starving? The government's inability to keep up with a freelance work culture it profits from with social welfare & economic reform is being paid for by these skilled workers
Who is the fund actually for when it gets divvied up?
Lots being bandied about about it being for the arts & cultural sector but v v broad terms for a very very big & diverse industry/sector/community.
When will NI assembly announce a longterm investment package to restore a more sustainable arts and cultural sector in NI? Persistent cuts over 20 years have made the covid effect even more severe. Are we going to address that and as the man says #BuildBackBetter ?
When only a little over 10% of this 'windfall' is going to all 3 devolved administrations combined, does @DUPleader really think this is proof of a 'United' Kingdom? When will we start talking about national political reform bec until we do, we'll be grateful for the scraps.
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