Refutation of Zakir Na!k's claims

In this video of his Zakir claims various things about Hinduism, will refute his points in this thread.

His claims are full of stupid!ity
First he claims Kalki Avatar is Last Prophet.

Prophets are Messengers of Gods avatars are not messengers. Anyone with basic knowledge of Hinduism will know this. Kalki is Vishnu himself not messenger of Vishnu. He is quoting Kalki Purana but did not read it himself
Then he claims Father of Kalki Avtar is "VishnuYasha" and his name means "Servant of Allah"
This was my reaction when I heard it 👇
Stupidity, Vishnuyasha means (विष्णु व्यापकं यशो यस्य) one who's fame is spread far and wide.
or it can means fame of Lord Vishnu. But it can never ever mean Servant of Allah.
Next hilarious claim he says Kalki's Mother is "Sumati" and it means "Peace"
My reaction was same as above.

Sumati means one who has Good intellect/understanding/ memory etc. NOT peace
Next claim Kalki will be born in City of Peace Mecca (Same reaction btw) nowhere it is written in Kalki Purana about Mecca. Why do people even take him seriously?
Why did he Ignore the part where it is said Lakshmi ma will take Avatar too? Because it will not fit with his Islam!c story. Because In Hinduism Women are equally significant, but in some religions they are not (we all know who I am talking about no need to pretend).
That Video is Full of Such Ridiculous claims, do watch if you need some comedy.

If he would have read Kalki Purana, it is written what Kalki destroyed Mlechchas. Kalki is not a Islam!c Prophet,

"He is Destroyer of Mlechchas"
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