1. Suggestion to Trump campaign:
President Trump is the 1776 candidate, Biden is the 1619 candidate. President Trump believes in America's greatness, Biden believes in its vices.  President Trump believes in the American people, Biden believes American's are systemically racist.
2. President Trump opposes racism in all its forms, Biden embraced segregationists and used segregationist language during his long Senate career.  President Trump stands with Israel against its enemies, Biden opposes Israel's self-determination and security.
3. President Trump believes judges should follow the Constitution, Biden believes judges should be political activists and he won't provide the public with a list of his Supreme Court candidates.
4. President Trump believes zoning is a local matter, Biden believes the federal government should zone local communities and neighborhoods to change their very nature.  The point is that the contrasts between the president and Biden could not be more pronounced.
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