How Arsenal’s attacking players compared to Pépé in 18/19 [THREAD]
Pepe won an average of 2.8 fouls per 90 last season whilst no Arsenal forward averaged more than 0.6 (Aubameyang)
He also averaged 1.9 key passes, higher than the best arsenal player in that regard, Özil
Pepe scored 22 goals and provided 11 assists in Ligue 1 last season
Arsenal’s stat leader Mkhitaryan had a record of 6 goals and 4 assists
Pépé had 5x his goals and 2.75x his assists, so that’s triple his output
Iwobi contributed three goals and six assists at an average of one every 219.6 minutes

Ozil the furthest behind – he scored five goals but provided just two assists, averaging of a goal or assist every 248.9 minutes
Pépé was also a much more prolific scorer than Arsenal’s attacking options at the time (3.1 shots per game)

Mhkitaryan - 2

Iwobi - 1

Özil - 0.5
He averaged SEVEN times more fouls per game than Mhkitaryan and Iwobi - both 0.4 and much more than Özil (0.9)
This thread was just to highlight the suffering we had to endure and how much an upgrade Pépé is, and to show how much we needed a player of his profile/calibre
End of thread😁
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