Caste System in Muslims

•Ashraf- Afghans, Turks, Arabs, Persians, Rajputs, Brahmin like Tyagi = 15%

85% of politicians, almost all Media Personalities

Are divided into 100s of Biradaris who don't intermarry and practice arranged Endogamy

Biggest one is Syed

•Ajlaf- Local Touchable Converts like Darzi (Taylor), Teli (Oilmaker) = 10%

13% politicians, Barely Represented in Media, Marriage is inside their Biradari and Practise Endogamy

Men are allowed to marry Ashraf women(Rarely happens, Results in h0nor Killing)

Arzal- Untouchable Converts like Chamar (Tanner) and Manual Scavenger = 75%

2% of politicians , Not represented in media at all, Don't have a Biradari roots, just neighborhood gangs

Marry anyone who is muslim

15% are offered Water by Ashraf
46% are offered water by Hindu UC
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