Don't get me wrong, I'm mad. But I've been mad for years. Have you not read my open letter to wizards? Or my many rants on Lore/Race/Class shenanigans? Despite this I continued to play It wasn't till recently I was given space to try new systems. I loved the systems I tried.
I've bought a few with the intention of buying more. I refuse to throw away years of work because of isms and obias. I've fought for my space here and the space of others like me who play with me, who I have made a space for cause there was no where else they could play/do/exist
I mean look at the community mess of this week, you want me to just shut up shop and let these people go back to that mess where people are experimenting on them to "do better" when better already exists with me? All because what I have active and live comes from wizards.
No, you don't get to tell my marginalised folks where they can and can't play, how they can and can't play. And as long as they want to continue to play the games I am running for them I will continue to run them.
Marginalised people can't just shut up shop and move to greener pastures. We don't have that benefit or privilege. We don't get to leave and integrate immediately, its work. HARD WORK. But I carved out a space where there was none.
Just look at all the communities named as bad for PoC, you think I didn't know that? You don't think I didn't experience it. So if the people who are with me want to continue with what they got, I'm here for them as I've always been here for them.
Goldhart was created because I did have a space, no one wanted me in their space. And it became so much more as other people found that this space was also for them. But ya'll just mad cause I got one show live that's d&d and I won't take it down while I work on new systems
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