the tragic life of lgbtq+ in indonesia, a thread.
this thread is just telling on how the lgbtq+ community is doing in indonesia, as we’re living on a country that’s filled with homophobic.
also if you feel offended then do NOT read the thread, we don’t need your opinion bb <3
apparently, indonesia is one of the country that’s filled with people who is not used with wlw or mlm things, and it’s called taboo here.
even though there’s a pride parade in here, it got tons of hate from indonesia citizens, and mostly from the homophobes one. yikes.
lots of schools even told the students that lgbtq+ is not a good thing, and that everyone should avoid it. the teachers at my school also sometimes use lgbtq+ as a bad example of a huge sin.
luckily, most indonesians on twitter are really peaceful and don’t really care a lot about sexuality.
which is why i’m proud to be here, all of my indo moots accepted me even though i like girls :( <33
i forgot where the video is but i’ve seen a video of someone asking indonesians’ opinion about lgbtq+
and it’s really sad to hear their opinion, most of them don’t really agree about it.
and even when indonesia got a disaster, like tsunamis or earthquake, sometimes they blamed lgbtq+ for having an event in indonesia.
like, it has nothing to do with lgbtq+ or even disasters?
for example, a tsunami thats happening on palu back then, even lots of people at my school were blaming lgbtq+ people for having an events on palu, while they shouldn’t blame us for that.
now talking about my experience, even my own friend doesn’t accept me for being who i am, after i’m trying to be so fucking confident to come out to them.
and the result is, they brought up my religion and they said that lgbtq+ is a really deadly sin.
i even had a small argument with my friends about it, they said they were disappointed. also they even said that they will help me heal.
heal what? lgbtq+ is not an illness. tf.
i will continue this thread if lots of people are interested with what’s happening in lgbtq+ indonesians’ life here. if i had to be honest, it’s a mess. we can’t escape.
please spread this thread to let people know about indonesians’ opinion on lgbtq+.
thank you so much <3
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