This "Epic Monster" and "Selfish Jerk" may just be a meal ticket for a bunch of white folk, but hes our most revered and respected god.

You wanna talk about how #TTRPG and #dnd5e encourages colonial ideas? Look no fucking further.
This shit, right here, is why we need to be elevated to tell our own stories. I am so sick of being some cool colour and tattoos for other peoples bullshit.

Surprised they didn't go all out and steal Tūmatauenga and Papatūānuku. Ah that's right, no Disney movie for publicity
We live in a nation where our priests were outlawed and held liable for prosecution, endangering our traditions. Speaking our language would get you thrashed in school. We had to fight to remember this Atua.

But na its cool, you just go right ahead and profiteer off it
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