Things mewgulf said that seem fake but aren't : a very interesting thread
Mc: phi mew, how much do you love Yai Nong?

M: I don't want to say it often or else it will not be sacred/have meaning

G: I am the kind of person who likes to do more than say.

Fans: Do what??

G : do it elsewhere
Gulf : i will my self to you first i wanted to give you oranges but i was afraid that they aren't as sweet as me

Mew : since we have reached to here let me taste you

Gulf : you have to peel me first
Gulf to mew after feeding him : which one is sweeter or the desert

Gulf : i like to call him daddy

Gulf in kfc live : taste me
Mew : i passed the ice to his mouth by my tongue

Gulf : If giving him another gift it wont be an object

Mew : maybe we love each other more than normal
Gulf about mew's house : my house

Mew : do you want to feel more comfortable ..come live in my house

Gulf : bend and stab

Mewgulf : indoor/outdoor exercise
Mew : even tho gulf wasn't supposed to kiss me back but he kept kissing me back

Gulf : 20M for dowry

Mew : you aren't be able to get pregnant

Mew : we have twins
Mew : our baby is healthy these days *touching gulf's tummy*

Gulf to mew : why don't you go and masturbate it yourself

Gulf : mewgulf are boyfriends
Mew : if i imagine me and gulf getting married

Mew : oh tharntype *when he mistook mewgulf to tharntype during a conversation between him and gulf*

Mew : our baby is healthy these days *touching gulf's tummy*
Gulf : i dreamt a nc scene with my face and p'mew ..scenes that aren't from the show

Mew : if i compare gulf to a food it would be chocolate since chocolate is dark and sweet and i like to eat chocolate alot

Gulf : am i delicious ?
Gulf to mew : I stayed up all night playing with you teacher/master

Mew : we change clothes together

Mew : I'm not a rough person right

Gulf while laughing : right

Mew : or when did i go rough?
- end of thread ....i know there is probably still more but these are the only ones i remember ...

And i just realized most of them are gulf ....why is he wild and kinky like dis😭😭
P.s. things mewgulf said that seem fake but they are :

We are brothers

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