A runaway slave advert placed by Andrew Jackson. Bonus offered to torturers. (Tennessee Gazette, 3 October 1804)
@markcheathem: "In 1821, [Jackson] ordered his nephew, Andrew J. Donelson, to have a female slave, Betty, given 50 lashes if she persisted in ‘putting on some airs’...." https://mcheathem.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/cheathem-aj-slavery-and-historians.pdf
"Jackson was not only a slave owner, but also a slave trader, engaging in the domestic slave trade that stretched, in his case, from Virginia through Tennessee to New Orleans during the 1790s and beyond."
"He bought and sold dozens of slaves from his first purchase in 1788 until 1844, the year before his death. When Jackson died in 1845, his estate listed 161 slaves: 110 at the Hermitage and 51 at Halcyon, the Coahoma County, Mississippi, plantation that he co-owned with his son."
"This number placed him ‘among the slaveholding aristocracy’ of Tennessee [where in 1850] only 24 Tennesseans owned more than 100 slaves."
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