Myth: Rape is most committed by strangers. Don't meet/party/drink with strangers and you will be safe.

Fact: About 80% of rape cases are perpetrated by someone known and close to the victim.
Rape happens to most victims and is perpetrated by people that the victim knows and often times has come to trust. What does this say about the nature of rape culture?
What effect does it have on women in general?
This makes women weary, untrusting and hyper vigilant of anyone that is close to them. We must be clear on this because we always find untruthful analysis to use as our basis to shame the victim yet a lot of the times these are people they could have given or developed trust for.
These are people that walk and live amongst us. They are not strangers. Most often they are not and that's why rape culture needs to be destroyed. We need to change it and teach the people around us about it.
This fact makes it worse for most victims because society never believes that someone so dear, someone so close could do this to them. It is most times someone they trust too. Acknowledging this fact and challenging all reasoning of victim blaming and vindication is key.
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