How to quit your 9-5 job and live off of passive income forever! I have done it. Now I'm telling you, how YOU can do it.

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1. When you have a job, start building passive streams of income.

Your goal in this phase is to buy or create your first stream of passive income.

My first stream of passive income was a duplex for rent that I bought.
2. Keep adding more and more streams of income until they replace your job income.

I kept buying more and more duplexes and single family houses for rent.

I kept working at my job.
3. Quit your job.

This is the most beautiful day in your life. You go to your boss and say, I quit. Then walk out. With a big, victorious smile on your face.

Lie on the beach. Travel the world. Or work, if you want.

Money rolls in every month, without you doing a damn thing.
4. Maintain the passive streams of income, you already have.

There is no such thing as completely passive income.

You have to maintain it.

From time to time, you need to do some work, to make sure that your passive income streams keep paying you, without interruption.
5. Keep adding more and more streams of income to grow your income even more.

You live off of the income you already have and all is good.

Or, you build even more streams of passive income to grow even wealthier.

It's up to you. I do the latter.
6. Diversify your streams of income.

Add other streams of passive income, different than real estate.

There are many. Vending machines. Dividend stocks. Internet marketing. And more.

Other than real estate, the Internet marketing is the most powerful and profitable.
7. It takes time to create consistent passive income from the Internet marketing.

Initially, you have to put a lot of work.

Growing your followers on social media. Learning marketing. Setting up sales pages. Putting affiliate links. And more.

Join Money Twitter and learn how.
8. Good luck on your journey!

Be observant.

Learn only from those who already did what you want to do.

Don’t give up, until the day you quit your 9-5 job and live off of passive income.

I swear it’s possible. I’m the living proof.
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