if you are a white latinx person, you should make sure you are educated/know the following (a thread!)
if you are "white passing", you are white. there is no such thing as "light skinned" latinx. you are white. you are not a person of color. and you shouldn't need to be coddled with promises of your latinx identity not being compromised for you to understand this.
checking your privilege does not just happen by you stating that you are checking your privilege. consider whose voices you are uplifting. are you profiting off of Black/Indigenous/POC people? are you taking up too much space simply bc your privilege allows you to?
Black, Indigenous, and POC folks do not owe you compassion/tact when you mess up & intentionally or unintentionally impose on them or harm them. if someone corrects you, you say thank you instead of complaining about not being corrected in the way you prefer from people you hurt.
when a Black, Indigenous, or POC woman addresses you, reflect before you try to label her angry, antagonizing, or hostile. are they really being mean or are they righteously mad or perhaps you are used to being coddled?
are you following Black, Indigenous or POC creators? if so, have you compensated them? have you ever taken the knowledge you gained from them and found yourself making tweets parroting this + getting clout for it? rt and uplift Brown voices instead of inserting you own
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