. @RishiSunak's #arts & #culture rescue package was a good way to end the weekend... and has enabled me to wake up this morning much more optimistic about the future of the UK arts sector.

But I have some concerns.

First: geography.

Every single example of an arts org mentioned by @OliverDowden on BBC this morning was not only in the South East of England... but was actually in LONDON.

It has to cover every corner of the UK & especially those where big ££ philanthropy doesn't reach.

Second: what constitutes 'culture' to this govt?

Again. There seems to be emphasis on venue-based orgs & 'high art' (for want of a better phrase). Galleries, ballet, opera, big museums.

Yes, they need help.

But to be effective this ££ has to reach the small guys too.

Third: mechanism & rationale for distribution.

Who decides who gets what? Will it be by application... or influence. Some arts orgs are in a better position to lobby for support than others (see above). Others are far more prominent than others.

It has to be fair. & quick.

Fourth: the amount.

£1.57bn seems a lot. It IS a lot. But it has to go round a huge sector with big needs.

Will it be enough? Who knows.

Also: will it stymie philanthropy with a 'by-stander effect', ie they're alright now, when the problem isn't solved by this ££.

It IS brilliant news & a major victory for our sector. Don't get me wrong.

But this govt has form on actually delivering on what it promises and a lot remains to be seen about how effective this rescue package will be when it comes to #savetheartsUK.

I remain optimistic...

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