You all Should know about @SunilAmbekarM, I am not saying it on behalf of Central university of Haryana but because I know about him very well. Russia recently included him in the election committee in his country, it is a matter of great pride for India. @Abvp4CUH #RSS
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In this workshop, ICSSR, SHODH Haryana was called as the chief guest, if the social worker is not called then whom will they call.
the end, this much is to say that God may give wisdom to the communist professors who have maligned Ambekar and Central University of Haryana ( @CUHofficial ) Communist thought can never benefit the country.
This was the first time that so many researchers and professors from different states of India participated in a workshop in a big way that the CUH technical system hung in 5 minutes. @CUHofficial
I know I will have troll attack after this thread. But hoping for support I have tweeted. You can assume it's my opinion
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