🕉 Breathtaking Varanga Kere Basadi Temple, Karkala,Karnataka♥️850yr old JainTemple dedicated to Lord Parshwanatha,23rd Teerthankara & Goddess Padmavati nestles in the middle of Scenic Varanga lake where priest has to take a boat ride everyday to reach &perform daily pooja🚩1/3
🕉This temple is called Chaturmukha Basadi cos of its unique Quadrilateral architecture which has 4 entrances in 4 directions.Idols of Lord Parshwanatha,Lord Shanthinatha,Lord Ananthanatha &Lord Neminatha in kayotsarga posture are housed in Sanctum facing 4 directions🚩2/3
🕉 When one nears the entrance, it is a Stunning sight to see the Basadi in the midst of the gentle green lake surrounded by Scenic Greenery. The only way to reach this Basadi is in a small wooden ferry 🚩3/3 #IncredibleIndia @chitranayal09 @harshdeshpremi @Harsh__17 @deepakpt_
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