"Boyz N The Hood" was released in '91, which means it likely took place in 1989-1990. If that was Ricky's senior year, he would've been a freshman or redshirted in 1990-1991.
So we can assume he would've "graduated" and left for the NFL Draft in 1995 at the latest...
...We can also assume Ricky would've been a Top 5 pick (bc why not?)

And in that draft, the first RB taken just happened to be the #1 player overall, Ki-Jana Carter from Penn State. And he went to who?

The Cincinnati Bengals.
That should've been Ricky Baker's spot. He should've been #24 for the Bengals.
Even if they didn't take Ricky, the next RB's weren't taken until 17, 18, and 19 by the Giants, Raiders, and Jaguars.

The Raiders could've taken the LA kid at #18 instead of the hometown kid in Napoleon Kaufman. Idk... It could happen 🤷🏾‍♂️
I obviously dove way too deep into this "What if Ricky Baker never got shot" simulation 😂😂😂
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