The Republican National Convention woes.

A bedtime story. //Mini-thread
It is July 20, 2018. The Republicans announce that they will have their 2020 Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fundraising for the convention begins.
Act 1. Scene 1.
It is now May 2020. #COVID19 cases are climbing.

The Governor of North Carolina asks the Trump campaign for their plan for masks and how they'll keep convention attendees safe.
Act 1. Scene 2.
Trump responds by asking for permission to not have to use masks or social distancing.

North Carolina says no. Trump throws a tantrum and forces the RNC to go looking for another city to host the convention. The RNC starts to scramble.
Act 1. Scene 3.
Governors from Texas, Georgia, and Florida all clamor for the honor to host the convention. Trump and the RNC settle on Jacksonville, Florida.
Act 2. Scene 1.
It is mid-June 2020. The RNC is working on the details of the convention. Due to contracts, the official business of the convention will still be in Charlotte, but the big events, like Trump's prime-time speech accepting the nomination, will be in Jacksonville.
Act 2. Scene 2.
There aren't quite enough hotel rooms in the city.

The RNC has raised $50M in pledges so far for the convention, but none of that can go to Jacksonville.

More fundraising will be needed to pay for the convention in Jacksonville. This won't be easy.
Act 2. Scene 3.
#COVID19 cases are skyrocketing in Florida. On June 29, Jacksonville makes wearing masks mandatory.

RNC officials:
Act 2. Scene 4.
July 2. Vanity Fair prints a story quoting a Republican working on the convention that due to being worried about a "Tulsa-like humiliation," the RNC is considering cancelling the convention.
Act 2. Scene 5.
July 4. NYTimes reports that the RNC is having trouble raising more money for the convention, as donors are annoyed the $ they gave for Charlotte is gone & they won't see any benefit for it.
How will this story end? Are the rumors that the RNC will cancel the convention prove to be true?

Give me your guesses in the comments! //END
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