Dear Sane Americans in the Blue States.

I know right now you're scared as you watch the Ideological Lunatics who've been voted into power over you stand down, defund & destroy your police departments while simultaneously letting violent mobs run amok in your city.
You're watching statues of America's founders being torn down by Marxist mobs who cover for their Cultural Revolution by constantly yelling "racism" at you, so you don't know how to respond.

You're watching elected leaders call our Founders villains and traitors.
You didn't sign on for this.

You didn't ask for any of this.

But you and your families are right in the middle of this.

Same leaders who are letting mobs run amok are determined to keep you locked down in your houses. Your businesses, churches, beaches & parks shut down.
Democrats are making it **crystal clear** they intend to step this up, this shredding of the American Revolution so they can replace it with a Marxist Cultural Revolution.

You have a choice to make, one you probably thought you never would.
You have a choice to embrace the insanity and vote for Democrats this November and REWARD them for what they have been doing to you and your families.

Or you can vote for Donald Trump and send these ideological lunatics a message that history will NEVER FORGET.
I want you to know that I am rooting for you to make the right choice for yourselves, your families, and this country's future.

God bless you.

Brian Cates.
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