Can you imagine how the promoters of Misandry react if someone say ‘Women are Trash’?

Patriarchy/Misogyny is a social evil but Misandry isn’t the solution for that. Patriarchy is centuries old and men aren’t fully responsible for it.

I agree men is more responsible for patriarchy than women. It’s men dominated society where we live in but here men are not only enjoying the freedom they take responsibilities too.

Forget men women debate let’s consider men only. Every men don’t get same respect in society

The men who gets more earnings, gets more popularity for good deeds are respected more. Same thing applicable for women too

In a patriarchal society even men fail to earn respect than successful women, how can you expect dependent women to respected?

Being a man isn’t that easy. Especially if you are born to a middleclass family. For education, have to approach bank for loan. Once get a job have to pay the EMI. It will take years. Then other responsibilities like, build a new house or renovation works comes....

His responsibilities never ends.Even for getting married he has to do such things if not the so called victim patriarchy never marry him

In addition to that he has to contribute to the marriage of his sister if he has any.If he don’t contribute he gets branded as misogynist

Now coming to the point:

70% of men takes the above responsibilities but how many% of women does the same?

These responsibilities dominates men in the society. While tweeting ‘Men are Trash’ atleast consider what your father has suffered sacrificed for you.

If you check the current status of your school/college friends, you would find more than 90% of men working and taking responsibilities and I am sure women’s working % would be much less than that.

That is the difference

Most of the women are ok with marrying a rich Misogynist men than a poor feminist. That means even women gives respect more for the success of men than their attitude towards women.

In short most of women don’t respect a feminist man than a successful man.

When people say ‘Men are Trash’ they highlight the freedom enjoyed by men, wrong deeds done by a group of men but never talk about the responsibilities taken by men in his entire life.

Patriarchy is Trash but using ‘Men are Trash’ is not equality but insult.

Perform the duties, take responsibilities and then ask for your rights.

No misandrist talks about the duties and responsibilities but only for the rights and this misandrists are the big obstacle for feminists who fight for women rights.

Stop seeing everything in men-women perspective but see in good-bad perspective.

Even men are also victim of patriarchy as women. Men enjoys his freedom+her freedom but takes his responsibility+her. Both should be equally divided.

The above statements aren’t applicable for all men and women. We have good people and bad people in both gender.

Good is good and bad is bad. Good and bad doesn’t have a gender.

‘Blaming a gender only gives confusing not conclusion’
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