1/ As promised here is a thread diving into Melissa Rein Lively, who is the Founder and CEO of a PR firm in Scottsdale Arizona. https://twitter.com/4ngl3rf1sh/status/1279898845959372806
2/ The incident that occurred at Target was initially reported on Twitter by @RexChapman https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1279859772456611840
3/ The video also found its way to r/PublicFreakout with some users offering additional info (I have not found anything that corroborates this so far but if anyone has something DMs are open) https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/hlhumq/scottsdale_target_karen_gets_arrested_on_ig_live/
4/ the Change for Melissa looks to have occurred at the end of May/beginning of June following a series of Black lives Matter Protests in Scottsdale Arizona. At this time she expressed anger at BLM protests/ers.
5/ Though she has some publicly available posts on her Facebook they only date back to May 30, which is inline with the start of her behavioral change. Everything else prior to May 30 is either hidden or deleted. June 6 is her first QAnon related post on Facebook.
6/ On June 9 she creates a new Twitter account fully dedicated to QAnon. This account Initially posted on its creation and was mainly dormant and it got very active on June 30 (keep that date in mind for now).
7/ Her username and bio in this second profile refers to 144,000, which stems from the Book of Revelation 7:9 which refers to the 144,000 chosen to serve in the army of God to fight at the end times. (Common trope in spiritual warfare). She links this army of God with the Qarmy
8/ Her main Twitter account has been active since 2013. However it has recently seen a purge of all its content. barring a few remnants from 2013, 2016 and 2019 her cleaned timeline starts on June 25. Again we seen an increase in activity on June 29/30
9/ Her brand on her main account is very QAnon and since her first available posts on June 25. Accross her paltforms she has shared content related to frazzeldrip, pizzagate, starseed, clintonbodycount, msm manipulation, nesara, project looking glass, etc. she is not a neophyte
10/ On hermain Twitter account she also references the 144,000 chosen to fight in the Army of God, which she also links to QAnon. She also references this post about God recruiting https://www.alionhasroared.org/new/tag/144000/ 
11/ So what happened on June 30? Along with another Twitter user she launched a Go Fund me for Stop Fake News. Melissa was calling for "Defunding Fake news"
12/ Her GoFundMe is seeking to raise... 1,000,000$ to launch "We The People News". She also purchased the domain www[.]stopfakenewsnow[.]com which was registered on June 30th. She also started promoting her new YouTube channel the Arizona Influencer Project
12/ On her main Twitter she has claimed that she has wrapped up an interview with "azcentral" and stated she is the Global Press Secretary for QAnon, she says the same in the IG livestream that has been widely circulated and claims she has direct contact with president Trump.
13/ Citing the same interview, however this time properly claiming it is with kez999, she claims that she is running for Arizona Governor
14/ However, on her Facebook business page she posts what is the real interview. After listening to the 23 minute interview she mentions nothing about running for Governor or a role as press secretary. This interview does give some interesting insight into non-QAnon melissa
15/ She does appear to be active in the local political scene as Billy Harfosh from the radio station state she is a "political expert". Melissa did seem to be very aware of the domestic political and economic scene.
17/ Her business Facebook page and her LinkedIn are very professional and there is no QAnon crossover. However, she was promoting and had used her business page to organize/host this event.
18/ Melissa was also a member of this page who promoted her event, while also hosting content of armed Phoenix patriots defending against angry BLM protesters.
19/ It would be important to note the hypocrisy here as Melissa's business page as prior to July 2020 her PR firm has done some PRO BLM work and marketing.
20/ Now in her role as Global Press Secretary for QAnon Melissa was holding daily press briefings on Instagram (you know all official like) Her IG is locked so if anyone has access to it and wants to share some of the content she posts send me a DM.
21/ As I had mentioned in my earlier post, she has been present at what I think is the same target on July 2, two days before her Violent assault on a Rack of Masks she filed on IG live, which her white privilege and 40,000$ Rolex gave her permission to do https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1279860278679801856
22/ Again what is interesting about Melissa is that based on available information she came into contact with QAnon content as of June 2020 and 5 weeks later she was arrested. The rapid move from online to offline is something that needs to be paid attention to.
23/ We have seen this recently with Prim and Slyman, but also with Instagram influencers that were influenced by QAnon in a manner of weeks as was reported by @QanonAnonymous https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/qanon-anonymous/e/70119062
24/ The rapid radicalization into QAnon is what is interesting, it is not always a radicalization to violence, but that does not diminish the potential threat vector that this poses if the person that does get radicalized in one willing to do violence.
25/ Ultimately, this incident reflects that an individual in crisis that comes into contact with QAnon can be activated to move into the offline space, which is a concerning trend with QAnon.
26/ thank you to everyone who sent me tips and links! DMs are always open.
27/ I've had multiple individuals send me this. I am aware of the piece and I would take this with a grain of salt when it comes to claiming mental illness. Without any proper medical evaluation from an expert an article is not evidence of mental illness https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/rose-pr-firm-feud-escalates-youtube-restraining-orders-11254699
28/ though this is a stresser claims of mental illness cannot be made with our medical evidence. Could this be a factor on her current life sure but there is a timeline gap between this and her current SocMed so we don't have all the evidence to make that jump.
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