Satellite images show a significant development (between May'19 to Jan'20) in the south portion of the GNA Misrata airport including building a new bunker & refurbishing another old bunker by connecting it to the main runway with a new Taxiway to be used by the Turkish UAVs.
The Earth-Covered Bunker which built to accommodate the Turkish UAVs in Misrata airport

The Turks used to build it after the 4x hangars they have built last year in the airport were destroyed by LNA fighter jets/drones in Oct'19.
Earth-covered trenches & an underground bunker were completely built by Dec'19 beside the new UAVs bunker in the south portion of Misrata airport.
Turkish MIM-23 Hawk meduim range air defense system also seen beside the new Turkish UAVs bunker in Misrata air base as well as another type of AD system/equipment appears in the 2nd satellite imagery, notice that it was recently installed behind the main apron of the base.
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