A thread of my top 10 favourite Grand Magic Games moments/fights 😌
10. Lucy vs Flare. Even tho Lucy got completely played, I loved to see how much Lucy has improved. And to me, she completely won.
9. Kagura vs Yukino. I loved to see Kagura completely own Yukino throughout the fight. She’s such a baddie.
8. Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue. Not much to say about this. I loved the fight in general and I love the team up between Natsu and Gajeel.
7. Wendy vs Chelia. I love this fight mainly because of Wendy’s speech and determination. It’s really nice to see Wendy grow and improve throughout the series.
6. Sting gets overwhelmed by Team Fairy Tail. Chills. I get chills every time. I will never forget this moment.
5. Erza vs Kagura vs Minerva. Again not much to say. 3 bad bitches going at eachothers neck.
4. Gajeel vs Rogue. It was about time Gajeel got a powerup. Iron Shadow Dragon Mode is probably my favourite looking powerup in all of FT.
3. Cana completely destroys the MPF with Fairy Glitter. QUEEN. Cana came in with the business and complete owned shit.
2. Laxus vs Raven Tail. Such a badass and satisfying fight. Laxus definitely went up in my favourites list after this. King shit.
1. Erza vs 100 monsters. Legendary. Literally such a moment. Not much to say i think a lot of people agree when I say it’s one of the best moments in Fairy Tail ever.
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