Calling the social sciences “sciences” is bad for our brains 😔
“Science” is just so epistemically privileged in our culture because of the success of the natural sciences, and the gulf between the standing of theories in natural science and and theories in social science is extreme
“Believing in science” is good when it comes to the natural sciences and when it comes to the social sciences uhh u should be skeptical
Please don’t yell at me I think studying social phenomena is cool and good but I think the authority these disciplines are given in politics and public life is not appropriate
A consequence here is the public devaluing of things like.... the perspectives of the people actually affected by policy. It’s Not Science and therefore relying on them is Less Rational, even though it may in fact be more reliable than whatever social science is being invoked
Tbc I do not think these disciplines should keep trying to be more like the natural sciences, that seems to be worse!!!!
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