1/ Q has mentioned Godfather III 24 times, 22 of those at the end of 2017. What is Godfather III mean? Q confirmed it is a reference to the Vatican. #WWG1WGA #QAnons #QArmy
2/ There are several facets. One is the relationship between the Clintons, George Soros and the Pope. Note, here that Bill Clinton wanted a deal back in 2017. https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/fetzen-fliegen/item/2853-wikileaks-bombshell-george-soros-using-francis-papacy
3/ The Vatican is also tied to the CIA through the IOR, the Institute for Works of Religion, the most secretive bank in the world. http://churchandstate.org.uk/2016/03/the-alliance-between-the-cia-and-the-vatican/
4/ The Vatican/Current Pope are also involved in the darkness.
5/ It is not an accident that @POTUS visited the Vatican on his first foreign trip.
6/ Q often mentioned Snow White along with Goddather III. Snow White is a set of 7 CIA super computers.
7/ One purpose of Snow White is to impact Social Media and the Boards. Q found itself attacked earlier on. But Q also was able to control Snow White.
10/ Could there be a direct connection between Snow White and Godfather III. Speculation: Was the IOR used to launder money to buy a stake/control in twitter?
11/ Recall that Saudi Arabia has a big stake in Twitter, but that was removed on November 4, 2017. There is a reason @potus went there first but more on SA later.
12/ Who is Blackrock?
13/ Who is Thomas Donilon? https://www.blackrock.com/corporate/biographies/thomas-donilon Would have been Hillary’s CIA Chief.
14/ Did the CIA funnel money through IOR to Blackrock re: Twitter. In any event, Q makes clear that CIA runs the Twitter show. Example.
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