It's actually kind of gross how many LGBTQ+ stereotypes there are that I see actual LGBTQ+ people pushing on the daily. To the point where I'm beginning to feel like the greatest enemy to our improvement is our own community.
I'm going to add onto this thread with some examples of stereotypes I've seen. The biggest one (which made me make this post) is the fact that I only see horny/hypersexualized characters headcannoned as Bisexual.
Another one is the idea of lesbians always being hyper masculine and rarely having a shred of femininity. So now I see a lot of very feminine lesbians not being taken seriously at all.
THE GAY COMMUNITY AND TWINKS! It is to the point where I've come across ppl who genuinely think that 99% of gay people are super fit, super skinny white hairless men.
Probably the worst disservice in the entire LGBTQ community is the fact that ppl actually believe that all nonbibary folks have to be fully androgynous and not feminine or masculine appearing at all. Nonbinary folks can look however they want! That's the point!
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