Looks like Kevin McCarthy may have hidden 10/13 tweets in my thread response to his reprehensible nonsensical tweet seen here. See the entire thread below 👇🏻
Dear Kevin. Why don’t you tell us why you took foreign money/illegal campaign contributions from Lev Parnas? Where did Lev get that money? 1/x https://www.fec.gov/data/receipts/individual-contributions/?contributor_name=Lev+Parnas
Dear Kevin, in addition to taking $2,700 of foreign/illegal campaign contribution for Kevin McCarthy for Congress, your Protect the House took $11,000 from Lev Parnas? Tell us about that? 2/x https://fec.gov/data/receipts/individual-contributions/?contributor_name=Lev+Parnas
And an additional foreign campaign contribution was made to a Donald J. Trump PAC for $325k h/t @MsMariaT 4/x https://twitter.com/MsMariaT/status/1279833560052973568?s=20
Dear Kevin. Lev Parnas et. al. were indicted for:

1. conspiracy to violate the ban on foreign donations & contributions to federal & 2. state elections
3. conspiracy to make contributions to federal elections in the names of others
4. false statements/falsifying FEC records 6/x
So Kevin, tell us why you, Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, the GOP, NRCC, and RNC accepted all of this foreign/illegal campaign money?

All this money donated by Lev Parnas et al., where did it come from?

Was it Russia? Of course, it was Russia. 7/x
Per the October 10, 2019 indictment led by US Attorney Geoffery S. Berman at SDNY, Lev Parnas et al. were indicted for conspiracy to make political donations - funded by “Foreign National-1.”

Dear Kevin, who is Foreign National-1 ? 8/x
Foreign National-1 is "a foreign national Russian citizen and businessman who, at all relevant times, was not a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States."

But who is it Dear Kevin?

Full indictment U.S. v. Lev Parnas et al. here:
https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/press-release/file/1208281/download 9/x
Of course, you know Dear Kevin that in 2017, US Attorney Northern District of Illinois indicted Firtash on bribery charges.

U.S v. Dmitry Firtash:
https://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2019/images/10/31/justice.department.filing.on.firtash.pdf 11/x
And that per the US Attorney NDIL indictment, Firtash has been identified by US law enforcement as an upper-echelon associate of Russian organized crime. 12/x

So Dear Kevin, don't lecture @TheDemocrats for "not believing in America," when you, Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, the GOP, NRCC, and RNC and all of your co-conspirators have sold your country out. Shame on you.

"This is America. Here, right matters."

Oh and @GOPLeader, you don’t like the truth? Prefer to hide my tweets? Why don’t you move to Parler, or better yet, Russia?
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