An important thread: ways of help different causes or get informed about them. 
Here you can donate money to the UNHCR and help @Refugees to combat covid-19 crisis and deliver lifesaving supplies and support to refugees and displaced people in countries like Bangladesh and Syria.
Click the link for more info. (cont)
Also you can check the UNHCR website of your home country to get more information about how can you help within your country. 
Here you can find BLM, the Philippines, #PayUp, Free MENA, South America, Asia and the Pacific, Uyghur Muslim Concentration Camps, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ+ Rights, Abolish ICE, Fight Antisemitism, Environmentalism, Asian Americans and COVID-19 & more 
Here you csn sign petitions, donate, get more informed, learn about BLM movement and more.
@CasaFrida2 is a temporary refuge in Mexico for women and sexual diversities affected by the health emergency and structural violence. 
Fire Drill Fridays is a movement created by @Janefonda about climate change, inspired by @GretaThunberg. 
@Fridays4future is a peaceful climate change movement that began with @GretaThunberg, now it's in all continents and 7,500 cities.

If you want more info, check the FFF website or social media of your country. 
#WeStillGottaEat is an initiative to provide free meals to black people in LA.
Click the link for more info.
Yemen is facing the worst Humanitarian crisis of the last 100 years in the world. Over 24 MILLION people are in need.
Here, you can send emergency aid and learn more.
Issues going on in the world, there's a lot of info about BLM, Mental Health, LGBTQ+, abolition of ICE, police brutality, sexual assault, and more. 
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