There are 11 municipal police forces in BC: Abbotsford, Central Saanich, Delta, Nelson, New Westminster, Oak Bay, Port Moody, Saanich, Vancouver, Victoria, West Vancouver.

Indigenous & Black people are particularly targeted & over-represented in all departments street check data
And also those racialized as Latinx, Arab, & South Asian are impacted tho to lesser & varying degree. White & East Asian folks are not similarly impacted (reminding us that race is contingent structure).

In Central Saanich, for eg, Latinx are street-checked at a factor of 10x.
Indigenous people are most severely impacted, especially Indigenous women.

In West Vancouver, for eg, Indigenous ppl are 0.6% of population but 11.3% of street checks; over-representation factor of 20! Indigenous women in West Vancouver are 17.6% of all street checked women.
There are so many tentacles of how police violence (always racist, especially against Indigenous and Black people), and street checks is just one of them.

Street checks in Vancouver and across BC must be banned!

#BanStreetChecks #DefundThePolice #vanpoli #bcpoli
Two disclaimers

1) Data is no more objective or legible than people's shared experiences, and drive to quantify can often be violent itself.

2) 'Overrepresentation' shouldnt be read as call for "equal reperesentation"; it reveals foundational violence & necessity of abolition.
Adding message from Lama Mugabo, Hogans Alley Society

"We invite you to sign up & speak in unison. Speak up in support of motion to ban police street checks in Vancouver. This unlawful practice of racial profiling that targets Black, indigenous, and poor people should be banned"
And if police street checks being racist wasn't enough, they are also illegal with no statutory or common law powers to conduct them; watch this from my brilliant colleague Latoya Farrell
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