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Tw // non con to con, forced pet play

So villain Ground Zero, announced to the world that Red Riot belong to him. Then Kirishima's agency panicked and had him make a statement that, no he isn't associated with GZ and still works as a gov sponsored hero
Ground Zero is obviously pissed about it, starts getting even more aggressive in fights, causing more collateral damage. He runs Kirishima ragged, striking at crazy hours during the night, setting up traps during the day.
Red Riot is just one person, and he's the only one who can face Ground Zero...

During one of their next fights GZ lands an explosion head on and Red Riot goes down.
When Kirishima wakes up he's in GZ's basement, naked. Hands bound together into fists, quirk cancelling collar around his neck attached to a leash.
"You wanna act like a government dog I'll treat you like one" Ground Zero hisses from the corner, walking over to Kirishima and dropping a bowl of water in front of him "but at the end of the day you're /mine/"

Kirishima starts to stand but GZ forces him back into his knees.
"Dogs don't stand" he says, squatting down to eye level "now drink"

Kirishima looks down at the bowl that had his given name on the side and then back at GZ.

"I said /drink/" the blond growls, grabbing Kirishima by the hair and shoving his whole face into the bowl.
Kirishima struggles, closes hands pushing at GZ's arm. The villain holds him down until he stops thrashing, them pulls his head back up. Kirishima gasps and cough the water out of his lungs.

"Y-you're insane" he sputters, voice raspy and raw.
GZ brings his hand down across Kirishima's face, a loud slap echoing in the empty room.

"Dogs don't talk" the villain replies, letting go of Kirishima's hair and petting him "don't worry, you'll learn"
Ground Zero left Kirishima alone for hours in the small empty basement. He looked for ways out, tried chewing through the duct tape keeping his hands closed in to fists.

Kirishima didn't make much progress by the time GZ returned.
"Bad dog" the blond scolded, sounding more disappointed than angry, it threw Kirishima off.

Ground Zero knelt down, inspecting Kirishima's bound hands before grabbing a muzzle and securing it to his face.

"I'll take it off when you learn to behave"
The blond adjusts the collar before grabbing the leash and standing up.

"Come" he says with a gentle tug.

Kirishima starts to stand but freezes when Ground Zero's neutral expression turns into a small scowl.

"Dude you can't be serious"
GZ clenched his jaw and jerks the leash so hard Kirishima falls back onto his hands and knees.
"Come" the villain repeated harsher, keeping Kirishima in a shirt leash as he made him crawl towards the stairs.
Kirishima followed Ground Zero up into his living room, the carpet soft under his roughed up knees. The villain guided him to the couch and sat down, switching on the tv.

"Sit" he said pointing to the ground near his feet.
The redhead grimaced, but settled into the spot. Ground Zero put his hand on Kirishima's hand, tilting it so it rested against his thigh and stroked his hair.

Kirishima eyed the blond nervously before looking around the room as best he could without moving his head.
If he had his quirk it would be easy to break through any of the windows or walls, but without it, and GZ's hand right on his head, he wasn't going anywhere.

Kirishima turned his attention to the tv where the news was talking about his disappearance.
Red Riot was officially "missing in action".

One of Kirishima's side kicks was brought on to make a statement when Ground Zero changed the channel.
The blond watched tv for the next hour. He kept his hand on Kirishima the whole time, running his fingers through his hair and scratching him behind the ears.
Afterwards Ground Zero made Kirishima crawl back down the stairs, setting up a pile of blankets and pillows for him to sleep on.

"You're my dog" he whispered as he took off the muzzle

Then he turned off the light and closed the door. Leaving Kirishima in complete darkness.
He didn't sleep at all, staying up all night tugging at the duct tape on his hands. Kirishima had just started peeling off one of the layers when Ground Zero showed up with a bowl of cut steak.
The blond was furious, dropping the bowl onto the ground and grabbing him by the collar.

"Bad. Dog." GZ spat in Kirishima's face, holding his wrist so tightly it hurt while he rebound his hand.

"They'll find me and arrest you!" Kirishima yelled, pulling his hand back.
He braced himself to get hit again, but instead GZ just laughed.

"Really? They aren't even looking for you. Red Riot was nothing more than one of their many pets. /replaceable/" the blond picked the bowl off the floor and stood over Kirishima "but you're my dog now."
Ground Zero held a piece of meat out to him and his stomach growled loudly.

"Now /beg/"
"Fuck you!"

The villain punched him square in the jaw then fisted his hair, forcing his head up.

Kirishima ran his tongue over his split lip, the metallic taste of his own blood filled his mouth.

"Go to hell."

When Ground Zero finally left Kirishima was worse for wear, two black eyes, split lip, body covered in blossoming bruises.
The blond has put his muzzle back on too tight.
"I need to piss" Kirishima grumbled when GZ came back a few hours later.

The villain ignored him, putting a water bowl down on the ground and replacing his blankets.

"I need to piss" Kirishima said a little louder as GZ adjusted his muzzle.
"Dog don't talk" the blond said calmly.

Kirishima grit his teeth and shifted, trying to releave the pressure on his bladder. He wouldn't be able to last if Ground Zero left him locked in here again for hours.
"Come o-"

"Dogs don't talk." Ground Zero cut him off and stood up.

Kirishima pawed at the blond's legs. HE looked down and raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong, boy?"
Kirishima glared at him.

"You need to go outside?"

The redhead took a deep breath and whined, relaxing a little when GZ smiled and grabbed the leash.
Kirishima thought Ground Zero had said "outside" to keep up the whole dog act, he didn't expect the villain to actually take him out to his backyard.
The redhead froze in the doorway, covering his crotch as best he could.

"Come" the blond said, tugging the leash.

Kirishima opened his mouth to protest, but caught himself and whimpered instead.

"I won't let anyone see, and if someone tries I'll burn their eyes out"
That didn't make Kirishima feel any better as the villain guided him out onto the grass.

He looked up at the high privacy fence, wondering how far he would get if he ran for it.
"You need to eat" Ground Zero said after three days.

Kirishima snarled in response, his cheek still sore from the last time he talked back.

"Bad dog" he hissed and grabbed Kirishima's face, squishing his cheeks together until his lips opened.
The redhead kicked his feet, thrashing his taped fists as Ground Zero pressed a piece of meat against him and squeezed the warm juices into his mouth.
Kirishima groaned, going limp and letting the blond push the meat in to his mouth. GZ picked up another piece and the red head opened his mouth.

"Good boy" the villain said, his voice barely a whisper as he fed Kirishima another piece.

The redhead shuddered.
How long has he been here? A few weeks? A month?

Kirishima wondered passively as he rested his head against Bakugou thigh and waited for the blond to turn on the tv. Bakugou stroked his hair and he suppressed the urge to sigh. His hands were rough, but it kinda felt nice.
The news came on the television screen. Every day they talked less and less about him.

"...Maybe it's a good thing? Hear me out, I didn't mean it like that! But ever since Red Riot went missing Ground Zero hasn't been sighted..."

"Maybe they killed each other"
"They didn't even try to find you" Bakugou huffed, sounding annoyed "it's not like I skipped town"

Kirishima didn't respond. He was used to not responding.

"They obviously dont care about you like I do"
Bakugou's fingers slipped under Kirishima's chin and tilted his head up, his thumb tracing over the redhead's bottom lip.

"You're my good boy, huh?"
Kirishima's chest felt tight. He tried to look away but Bakugou held him firm.

"You like praise, Eijiro?" His thumb pushed past the red head's lips "my good boy"
Bakugou's face looked so soft, Kirishima had never really noticed that before. The blond smirked at him.

Kirishima face burned and he tried to swallow the spit that had begun to pool around Bakugou's thumb as it pushed deeper into his mouth.
And then Bakugou's show ended and he pulled his hand back, flipping the television off.

Kirishima was trying to process what had just happened as the blond stood up and grabbed his leash. He was lead back downstairs, cock heavy between his legs.
Bakugou's closed and locked the door like he did every night, leaving Kirishima alone, confused, and aroused.

"Sit here, Eijiro" Katsuki said patting his right thigh, his hand pushing up the loose basketball shorts the blond was wearing.

Kirishima stared, eyes wide. Bakugou had only invited him to sit the couch a handful of times, much less on his lap.
The redhead looked up at Bakugou, nonverbally questioning him.

"Up, Eijiro" the blond commanded, leaning back on the couch.

Kirishima bit his lip and nodded, heart pounding as he stood up and straddled Katsuki's thigh, facing away from him.
"Good boy"

Kirishima whimpered, his balls rubbing against the smooth, silky material of Bakugou's shorts.

The television turned on and Bakugou started running his fingers up and down the redhead's spine.
"...It's been 6 months since our hero, the Red Riot, went missing..."

Had it really been half a year? It felt like much longer.

Kirishima trembled, he wasn't used to Bakugou touching his skin this month. The blond usually stick to petting his hair.
"They didn't even try to find you, they just gave up. They don't care about you at all" Bakugou said like he did anytime the news talked about Kirishima "If they actually have a shit they would've found you within a month..."
He tried to tune Bakugou out as the blond started ranting about how the government could easily replace, and did replace him. Tetsutetsu had moved in and took over Kirishima's agency. Real Steal had announced that he was taking over the search efforts to find Red Riot months ago.
Nothing had changed.

The longer Kirishima stayed with Bakugou the more sense his words started to make. It scared him.

"No one cares about you like I do"
Kirishima flinched when he felt Bakugou's clothed chest press against his back, the blond's arms wrapping around his body.

"Such a good dog, my good boy"
Bakugou's fingers traveled down Kirishima's chest, tracing around his belly button and down his happy trail.

"You've been so well behaved, you deserve a reward. Don't you, Eijiro?"

Kirishima couldn't help the needy whine that escaped his lips.
Bakugou had been teasing him for the last couple of months and Kirishima was about to lose it. The blond would get him riled up with praise, put his fingers in the redhead's mouth, let his hands wonder, then lock him in the basement.
Kirishima's hands were still stuck in fists so the most he could do was hump his pillows until he reached an unsatisfying orgasm.

"Beg" Bakugou breathed into Kirishima's ear, his fingers lightly touching his inner thighs so close to his throbbing cock but still so far.
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