Called trey a bitch in front of his hbs prank
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Ima giving y’all another one cause y’all got me to 70fllws y’all are so sweet😘
Ok let’s me and trey was at his momma house and he was ready to go but I didn’t wanted to *convo*
Him: ma I’m ready to go
Me: ion want to go right know
Him: man come tf on
Y’all this bitch really dragged me out his momma house so I caught an attitude and I was
Ignoring him when we was driving *convo*
Him: ma we gon go to Jj (his hb) house
Him: ma you heard me
Him: besttt
Him:man whatever
FF..... we got to his hb house and Kira was there so I was happy so we went up stairs in the room and she could tell I had an attitude
Kira: gurl I can tell sum up what’s wrong💀
Me: nun tre just gettin Omn
Kira: gurl just prank him that’s what I do with my Nîgga😭
Me: I got one too ima call him a bitch *trey deadass hates being called a bitch*
Kira: good luck ima pray for them legs
Me: childdd he ain’t gon do
FF... me and Kira go downstairs and I sit in trey lap and he kinda scooted me off so I can sit in the chair y’all I was so scared but I got up and said
Me: *whispers* that’s why ima go to my side nigga house now bitch
Him: nah you gmfu y’all this nigga had me across his
Shoulders and threw me in the backseat of the car (not roughly)
I tried to talk to him during the ride home so he wouldn’t fuck me up but he ignored me so I pulled his dick out and start sucking I could hear him groaning, but this bitch had the nerves to push my whole face down
And make me take all his 12inches🤪
Ima deepthtoat but this nigga dick is big so ain’t no way any female could just take his whole dick down they mouth but I did😘 FF..... he picked me up like *gif* and I tried to hide when we got in his house but he just found me😒 he legit
Ripped my clothes like *gif* like it was nun and he was just staring me up and down and licking his lips I was cheesing so hard like this niggas is fionee🤤 anyways btts.... he ain’t gave me no warning he just stuck his shlong in me and I screamed so fuxking loud and he was just
Looking me dead in my eyes while he was fucking me and y’all that’s a weakness so I be tryna look away but he grabbed my face and made me look at him😒☺️
Me: *looks away*
Him: look at me mama
Me D-d-dadd-y-y I CAnT
Him: *grabs my face and makes me look at him*
I automatically
Squirted when he did that cause wheeew🥵 he fioneee....FF he put me in missionary and was just beating my pussy up like * vid* y’all I was fucking screaming I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard me😂
Him: who a bitch now huh
Me: N-n-No-t you DAddY
Him: fuck yo pussy tight ma
Him: who pussy is this
Me: it’s yours daddy
Him:all mine
Me: yesss it’s all yours daddy
FF...we both came and we took a shower *i couldn’t stand up for shit he had to hold me😂*
Then we cuddled naked and fell asleep🥺
Mots: DONT call your bsf/bf a bitch🤓
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