She is famously known as "Bob-cut Sengamalam" who has a huge fan club just for her hair style. You can see her at Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi, Tamilnadu.
Pics from Internet.
There was no promotion in this tweet. We all know that many Elephants are held captives at many places in India. And do understand that a Captive animal or an animal born in captivity will find the wild very hard to survive. Captive Elephant Management rules are strong &followed
Even if the Captive Elephants are rescued, they r sent to rescue centres& not to d wild. Every district has Captive elephants committee which reviews& monitor the care of these elephants. Kindly understand temple elephants are not brought from wild, most of them are Captive born.
Not that all Captive elephants are badly treated and not that all are treated well. As an informed citizen, one should know the existing rules at first place and if they find the animal is treated badly, they need to inform the concerned authority for immediate action.
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