Ok if y’all ready for this thread comment
Ok y’all so We went to Winsconsin Dells On June,21,2020 for my brothers birthday we stayed for 3 days my brothers birthday actually on the 8th of June but that’s when we went so let’s start so th people that are gonna be in this thread is
(Im not gonna use anyone’s real name except mine)
Me: Kiya
Cousin: Unique
Sister: Mirah
Sister 2: Monique
Cousin 2: Daeveon
Cousin 3: Zach
Cousin 4: Zaveon
Cousin 5: Marquise
Brother : Kaleb
Brother 2: Jay
Ok so this was a long ride and we just bumping music and shi so then me and unique start watching this movie called Freedom Writers and it’s good y’all should watch it but AnyQways we get there and we brung our dog and it was no pets allowed so we put her in the bag l
So we went to the wrong building at first so then we went to the right building and they told us the pool was closed so we pissed but then arcade games was open so we went down the and it was food bars or w.e you call it so we got stuff from there Ian get nun to eat I got
Starbucks, so we still playing games to we went upstairs and we all played we have to rooms and they was connected so we running through having fun and stuff then we playing pillow fight and it was lowkey fun we gotta get back together that was the first time in along time we all
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