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"Hawai'ian" is not a word and that spelling is entirely wrong. If you see it, kindly update it and share this knowledge with others.

Hawaiian is an English word

Hawaiʻi is a word from the Indigenous language of the people of Hawaiʻi

Kanaka Māoli or Kanaka ʻŌiwi are the Indigenous people of Hawaiʻi

ʻ 👈🏾 is an okina, which is a letter

Car and care are different things bc that extra letter made a difference.

You can make a difference too 👍🏾

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Native Hawaiians are the Indigenous people. Capital N.

In our Indigenous language, we are Kanaka Māoli.

Kanaka ʻŌiwi is a more poetic way of saying this bc ʻŌiwi is the bones of these lands.

The Hawaiian language = `Ōlelo Hawaii

Learn the Hawaiian language on Duolingo, Kulāiwi, Kamehameha schools, Univ. of Hawaiʻi offers classes

Follow and learn from the many amazing Hawaiian language scholars. Buy books too https://nameahawaii.com 


THANK YOU to all those who have contributed their knowledge and shared this in this thread! 🙏🏾

I appreciate how kind and respectful you all have been to one another. 💕

By doing so, you are practicing the true essence of aloha 💓🌏

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