Last night the WSP insisted that they can’t guarantee the protestor’s safety and that they shouldn’t have been standing on i5, blaming the victims. No mention of an uptick in vehicular assaults/attempts. Here is a thread of *some* from Seattle alone [CW!!]

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June 3, 11:40pm — E. of Cal Anderson
“Guy in a red car east of Cal Anderson apparently harassing protesters.” 

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June 7, ~8:30pm — 11th & Pine [1/2]
Nikolas Fernandez, (brother of an E. Precinct Officer) drove into the protest, shots Daniel Gregory who attempted to stop the driver, runs thru crowd at police line and is calmly apprehended. Links in next tweet.

#SeattleProtests #CHOPseattle
June 7, ~8:30pm — 11th & Pine [2/2]
1: car speeds around corner 11th & pike 
2: shooting occurs 
3: Nikolas Fernandez walks calmly to the police line with a hand in his pocket 

#seattleprotests #CHOPseattle
June 10, ~7:30pm — youth march downtown
A car rams thru youth protest, destroying bicycle

#SeattleProtests #seattleprotest
June 22, 9:33pm — howell & nagel

unmarked Blue Subaru at Howell/Nagle, plates covered, driver harassing

second unmarked silver subaru moments later 


#seattleprotests #Seattleprotest #CHOPseattle
June 29, 9:21am — CHOP
reports of possible altercation between a pedestrian and a Fox News team car following a Chief Best’s press conference

#SeattleProtests #SeattleProtest #CHOPseattle #CHOP
June 30, ~7:50pm — Protest route downtown from CHOP
Silver ford ranger drives through Black Femme protestors, a @doordash driver, Dave Lawrence, delivering to someone watching the livestream who admitted “I just hit some protesters”

#SeattleProtest #CHOP
July 2, 6:30pm — Broadway & Pine
Someone tried to drive a car into the protesters during an eight minute and 46 seconds moment of silence on Broadway/Pine. Person allowed to leave.

#seattleprotests #seattleprotest #CHOPseattle
July 3, 12:09am — unknown location
Dark blue tesla, no plates attempts to hit bike brigade, Male, mid-30s, light skin, black hair.

#SeattleProtest #SeattleProtests #CHOPseattle
July 3, 12:02pm — NB on Phinney Ave
man yelling racial slurs from Range Rover SUV and tried running someone off the road (plate beginning with BPP)

#SeattleProtests #SeattleProtest #CHOPseattle
July 4, ~12:10am — boren (?)
Off-duty cop Molly Clark attempts to drive thru protestors, other car immobilizes
1: from right after 
2: takes pictures for insurance and leaves scene... 
3: Info 

July 4, ~1:25am — i5 by Yale ramp

White jaguar snuck on, drives at protestors, strikes 2, driver detained, both victims brought to harborview

moments before (pic 1): 
crime scene after: 
press conference: 
Some mentions of protestors anticipating and protecting against car assaults I came across (protestors acknowledge this violent phenomenon, why won’t the police or city gov?)

6/12 Madison Park March 

#seattleprotests #seattle
It astounds me that all the blame is on where the protesters have been, what they've been doing, and all w/o any mention of this clear trend of violent assaults/harassment by drivers (both some while blocked by protests and some seeking the protestors out). #SeattleProtests
I demand an investigation into this pattern of violence and vehicular assaults on protestors & pedestrians. Here are 12 instances to start that investigation with.
@mayorjenny @carmenbest @kcexec @GovInslee

#SeattleProtests #seattleprotest
Another on june 25th, thank you for the heads up @ASeattleStoner
Another not long after the june 25th one, thank you @ASeattleStoner — Bringing this thread up to 14 instances now.
another account on 6/3 from City Hall (6th & James) from @jscooben
Received another — these pics are from June 8th daytime on Capitol Hill, Silver lexus no plates, attempted to run over a protest group #seattleprotests
Adding mention of the other 3 times Officer Molly Clark was spotted by protestors over a period of two days, which would bring the running total of this thread to 19 car encounters...
UPDATE: Official Statement from BLM Women's March organizers on last night.

Please watch. At large people filming from bushes at time of the i5 attack (white car), also 3 other accounts of seeing Officer Molly Clark (blue car) before last night.
Update: via Black Femme March Organizers official statement about an hour ago — this encounter had been Officer Molly Clark’s 4th time being spotted by the group yelling racist remarks
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