A Thread about Elon and Ghislaine: Much Ado About Something?
For the past 48 hours, people have been replying to Elon Musk’s tweets with this picture of Epstein sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. At first, I just thought it was funny to agitate this incredibly thin-skinned billionaire Twitter troll.
But then I noticed that Elon has been in full damage-control mode over this picture. He is extremely bothered by it. And over the course of this meltdown and the attention it attracted, I learned a few things about Elon.
For example, I learned that Elon has a cowboy brother named Kimbal who looks like this, and personally I find that hilarious.
It was also reported that Epstein visited SpaceX in 2012:
Today, Elon is naturally denying this. Now he claims Epstein never toured SpaceX. He claims he refused to have anything to do with Epstein, and said he was “obviously a creep.” But then why is Elon going to this creep’s mansion for a private dinner in 2011?
Remember that in 2008, Epstein had confessed to the sexual assault of a 14-year-old. It was part of a plea deal to avoid prosecution on further charges because dozens of victims had come forward by that point:
Also, in 2018, a NYT reporter interviewed Epstein under the condition he would be an anonymous source. When he died, the NYT published the details of the interview, including Epstein’s discussion about advising Musk on the SEC crisis. https://futurism.com/the-byte/jeffrey-epstein-advised-tesla-elon-musk
Now Elon is claiming he was photobombed in this 2014 picture. But in light of what we’ve learned, that seems far-fetched.
So yeah, it’s all very weird. But it probably just means Elon is soulless operator who doesn’t mind networking with a child rapist if he thinks it would help him.
I mean, it would certainly be far stranger if we had any indication that Elon sexualizes infantilism. Anyway, here’s an unrelated picture of him and his recent girlfriend.
So I’ll let you decide if the weird billionaire who called a rescue cave-diver a pedo should be ridiculed about being a pedo. In any case, it is definitely funny to keep replying to his tweets with that picture of him with Maxwell. https://twitter.com/JordanUhl/status/1279294499529854976
A couple of updates: Elon’s ex-wife Talulah Riley (who wants it made clear she was NOT a child-bride) says they were taken to Epstein’s place by “a man taking us around the city.” But last year Elon said the whole visit to Epstein’s was Talulah’s idea: https://twitter.com/jordan_mcrae_/status/1279512091066535937
Also, from the intrepid mutant misfits at @TrueAnonPod, here is some more 👁️ about the Epstein apartment where Kimbal Musk’s girlfriend lived: https://twitter.com/TrueAnonPod/status/1279530970572447744
Finally, just when you think this Bond-villain family can’t get any weirder, someone let me know that Elon’s dad recently had a baby with his stepdaughter who he has known since she was four years old.
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