I began my research about the Global Cabal agenda when I was 17. I am now 35. That’s 19 years of information gathering and I am still learning about this evil spiderweb. How do you guide others without information overload? For me it started with Freemasons and Phil Schneider.🤓
For the record, Freemasons sparked my interest to learn more about hidden knowledge. The freemasons I have met in life thus far have been good people. Just wanted to clarify, so as not categorize them with Global Tyranny. ;)
Phil Schneider
Ted Gunderson
John Todd
Ronald Bernard
Leo Zagami
Carolyn Hamlett
End Game
Bohemian Grove
MK Ultra
Rockerfeller Foundation manifesto
Clinton Foundation Haiti
6/2016 Swiss Alps railway celebration
This list goes on and on....
Wow you ALL are amazing! Thank you for sharing your stories and for the new material! Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸✝️🙌❤️God Bless!!
Other great digs:
Kim Clement
Mark Taylor
Admiral Bird-Hollow Earth Theory
Dead Sea scrolls-Enoch
Edgar Casey-Atlantis
Nicola Tesla-JohnTrump
Ingersoll Lockwood
Project Looking Glass
Sid Roth
John Titor
Mandela Effect

This is fun!
Add to the list! 🤓
Fun but I don’t want to lose sight.

Podesta Emails
George Bush Sr. Aka Poppy
Illuminati Bloodlines
Satanic Rituals
Human Trafficking
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