I’m thinking about ‘self-care’ & ‘resilience’, prompted by some open & honest conversations with colleagues this week. I’m reassured to know that I’m not the only one to struggle with this; both the concepts, & also the simplistic ways we sometimes talk about it. (1/4)
Our pursuit of individualised resilience is part of the old normal.

Our ways of doing things have pulled us away from our humanity, from each other, & we've tried to cope.

What if we had more meaning & connection in our lives & work, & if we rebuild through relationships? (2/4)
Why do so many people who care for others struggle to be kind to themselves? I seem to hear this all the time, & I recognise it myself.

In this context, giving tips for self-care seems off the mark.

There’s something deeper going on; what if we talked about this together? (3/4)
Let’s reconsider 'resilience'.

Challenge our unthinking systems, & an unhelpful individualistic frame.

Consider our purpose, & connection.

Understand why helpers go in to helping roles in the first place.

No advice, or 'top tips'.

Let's have an open dialogue, & listen. (4/4)
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