The Secret History of the British 'Royals'

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I've been inspired to make this post after researching Gregory Hallett's claims that he is the natural King of England.

Let's start with Greg....
(1) Joseph Gregory Hallett has presented proof to many people that he is the true Heir to the Throne of England and Ireland.

This Affidavit proves and declares King George V was illegitimate and Edward VII was not his father. King George V (R. 1910-36) of the UK
(2) was conceived in Denmark by Tsar Alexander III of Russia, while the UK's King Edward VII (R. 1901-10) was in Sweden, 4 days sail away.

This was done in a Black Moon month, which Russians and Scandinavians consider auspicious for a king's conception.
(3) King George V was illegitimate and looked near identical to his half-brother Tsar Nicholas II.

Certified Declaration Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Mashiach-Christ-Messiah & King of England, certified on 31 March 2020.
(4) Now let's take a look at the strange behavior of the Royal family of late.....

Notice the crest is missing, windows boarded up and the guards are not the Queens guards. 👇
(5) Since that video I have found this picture.....

Yes - intriguing I know !
(7) An interesting video that compliments the movement we find ourselves in currently.....

With the Prince Andrew & Epstein thing, Jimmy Saville, the history of institutional child abuse in the UK, and the Canadian missing children story no wonder there are rumours.
(9) What we've had is a Mafia Royalty and that was due to last for 200 years from 1812 to 2012.

So now it's the time to bring it out, to show that the Royal Families that we've had from 1852 on have been illegitimate.
(10) Queen Victoria had 9 official children.

Before that she had one child that was born legitimately and in marriage.

That was Marcos Manoel.

The other 9 children were born bigamously and from incest, unbeknownst to Queen Victoria; and incest is not
(11) illegal if you don't know about it, but the person who sired the children did know; so he would be guilty of incest and that was Lionel Nathan Rothschild -- as the siring partner.

Prince Consort Albert didn't sire any of Queen Victoria's official 9 children.
(12) So the next person to reign after Queen Victoria died on the 22nd of January 1901 was King Edward VII, who also knew that his elder legitimate half-brother was alive

So King Edward VII's coronation was delayed for 18 months from the 22nd of January 1901 to the 9th of
(13) August 1902. At the same time, King Edward VII got the Secretary of War, Lord Kitchener, to alter the mandate of Freemasonry, which was originally about keeping the True Monarch on the Throne, and he changed it to, whatever it is today.
(14) In the Colonies, like in New Zealand, it's extremely corrupt and supports massive wrong-doings and the same is true of other countries as well.

So there is a correction there that needs to be made.

Now King Edward VII and his reign from 1901 to 1910 organised the murder
(15) of the Portuguese Royal Family, organised the Abdication of the next Royal Family, organised the murder of his legitimate older half-brother, and then passed instructions on to his son, King George V, who reigned from 1910 to 1936, to assassinate the exiled King of
(16) Portugal, King Manuel II of Portugal, in Twickenham in South London, so that destroyed the last vestiges, or thereabouts, of the last vestiges of the Portuguese Royal Family.

And then we had from 1936 to 1936, January to December, we had King Edward VIII who was never
(17) crowned.

And then we had King George VI from 1936, who was crowned, but he was retarded; and he had a child with the person referred to as the 'Queen Mother' or 'Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon', and that child turned out to be epileptic.

So King George VI was removed
(18) from being the siring male. He was replaced with Winston Churchill who was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII.

So there was still some supposed Royal blood there, but it was from incest. King Edward VII was a Warlord.

Winston Churchill, his biological son,
(19) was also a Warlord.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was initially engaged to the person who became King Edward VIII, who reigned January to December 1936.

He told her he was going to abdicate, so then she was given the option to become engaged to the person who became King George VI
(20) but he had knocked knees and was one IQ point above retarded.

So she brought in her 'Whipping Boy' to became engaged and then marry King George VI. Now the 'Whipping Boy' is somebody that an aristocrat is raised with, and sometimes it doubles for them in photos.
(21) And sometimes there's two photos taken, with say the brother, where Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is photographed as a child with the brother, and then the 'Whipping Boy' is also photographed with the brother, as the sister.

So what you've got is photographic opportunity to
(22) show a complete history.

And the 'Whipping Boy' came from Waterford, in Ireland, and the Irish accent had to be taught out of it, so it was more of a Scottish brogue.

The true Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon got married and lived in France and died in 1950.
(23) And I got this from a British and European Royal who is incredibly renegade, so Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's 'Whipping Boy' married King George VI, and then Winston Churchill provided the sperm for the artificial insemination with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
(24) Whipping Boy, resulting in Princess Elizabeth who was born above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair in London.

And that's why Queen Elizabeth II's nickname is "Lilybeth la bonne" meaning "The Maid".

That meant, she was the daughter of the Maid, the daughter of the
(25) "Whipping Boy".

Then when King George V died in 1952, the very illegitimate Princess Elizabeth became 'Queen Elizabeth II'.

In 1946, Prince Philip became engaged to Princess Elizabeth under the extortion of Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Lord Louis Mountbatten extorted
(26) the 'Whipping Boy', Queen consort Elizabeth and King George VI on the basis that the Royal Family had been fake since 1852.

So in order to retain the crown, they sold their daughter into marriage to Prince Philip, and it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten also
(27) included rights for under-aged sex with the firstborn -- Prima Nocte, Droit du seigneur, Right of the Lord where the Lord takes the virginity of the serves -- and that was Prince Charles.

And there's photos of Prince Charles and Lord Louis Mountbatten
(28) shaking hands at a Polo event when Prince Charles was still quite young....
(29) Lord Louis Mountbatten was absolutely known for his paedophilia and he was known for having schools under his own name, like "Mountbatten School" in Singapore, and one of the pupils there spoke to me.
(30) He would have been in his mid- to late 50s, and he was saying that it was his role to meet Lord Louis Mountbatten at the gate when he was about 5 or 6 years old, and after that he couldn't remember what happened in the next few days, and then he started to have very
(31) adult thoughts flashing across his mind, like sexual thoughts.

And it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten was testing drugs for Roche including Darken and Silence and Date Rape Drugs, and using it for sex with children.

Now other people have also brought out that
(32) Lord Louis Mountbatten is a paedophile.

Now Lord Louis Mountbatten introduced the well-known paedophile Jimmy Savile to Prince Charles.

They used to spend quite a bit of time together and go to parties together. A lot of it was under the guise of charity events.
(33) On Jimmy Savile's 80th birthday, Prince Charles sent Jimmy Savile a pair of gold cuff-links, a box of cigars, and a note saying "No one will ever know what you've done for this country".

There's now just a phenomenal amount of children that Jimmy Savile's abused.
(34) And it appears that Prince Charles was definitely not the father of Prince William and is not the father of Prince Harry, and it was Princess Diana who ensured this, possibly on the knowledge that she knew 'A' definitely that Prince Charles was having a
(35) long standing affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and that Prince Charles may have been a paedophile.

The British Royal Family, as they are illegitimate, is completely destroying the United Kingdom from within... 
(36) If what Greg Hallett claims is true, then we are truly living in a time of change....

I'm sure time will tell - we are only half way through 2020

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