This pandemic has exposed & sharpened many of the inequalities disabled people experience.

July is #DisabilityPrideMonth so let's celebrate disabled voices, give us a platform & pay us for our expertise.

It's time to #AdaptTheFeed & educate yourself about disability rights ⬇️
Next, follow #Disabled people

Social media has created a space online for those who face barriers in life to come together, advocate, connect & create change.

For Disability Pride Month, #AdaptTheFeed, follow disabled people & share our experiences.
An excellent place to start learning about disability rights, the experiences of disabled people & the issues that are important to us...

Is to look through this incredible list of community hashtags created by the fantastic @Tinu #AdaptTheFeed
My first recommendation of who to follow to learn about #DisabilityRights is of course @Imani_Barbarin who has created, among many other hashtags, #AdaptTheFeed

Imani is an incredible activist & leader in the disabled community.

Read her work here 
The next follow has to be @DisVisibility / @SFdirewolf

Alice has a podcast, blog & one hell of a timeline.

She has just published the Disability Visibility Project book, which brings together an awesome group of disabled writers. Buy it! 
Another great writer is @HabenGirma

Haben is a Deafblind African American woman who is a powerful advocate, lawyer, writer, speaker & accessible technology expert.

I've just finished Haben's book & loved it. I highly recommend it. 
One of the first disability advocates I followed online who shared their disabled joy & pride in their disabled body was @MrEugeneGrant

Eugene, in his own words, is unapologetically a dwarf. He shares his experiences, writes history & takes a great photo!
Talking of Doctors, I direct you towards @HannahPopsy

Proper Dr, politician, living her best queer life, speaker, bit wobbly sometimes, cat mother, #RollModel & all round excellent disability advocate.

Book her to do a talk, she's good at it 
Another #RollModel is @kingqueen3065

Transport expert, cat Dad, Northern sweetheart & legislative wizard, Doug is the kindest of people & always here to support others in our community.

Doug is part of an awesome group of advocates who run @Reas_Access 
A fellow campaigner who is fantastic at keeping everyone up to date with key issues is @LiamODellUK

Liam is a journalist, theatre critic & campaigner. Liam's campaigns like #CCMeIn raise awareness of the experiences of #Deaf / #Deaf & HoH people. 
Disabled people are frequently made to feel ashamed of their bodies, behaviours, minds or appearances.

The Selfie Queen challenging the haters every day is the fabulous @melissablake

Melissa empowers disabled people every day with #DisabledJoy 
If you are looking to educate yourself about disability rights you must follow @RebeccaCokley

Rebecca is a writer, activist & Director of the Disability Justice Initiative at the Centre for American Progress.

You can read her work here 
Someone I've learned a lot from is @lilririah

Riah is a Black autistic advocate who works tirelessly to raise the voices of neurodivergent Black people & People of Colour.

They are a community builder & important voice to follow. 
One person who has empowered me, encouraged me & supported my activism is @Tanni_GT

Tanni uplifts other disabled people, champions our campaigns & helps us connect to power to make change.

Always great to have a Baroness in your corner!

*Also does sport things 😄
Another activist who speaks truth to power is @autistichoya

They are a writer, activist, leader & fierce campaigner for those experiencing marginalisation. If someone was going to give you a disability rights 101 it has to be Lydia. 
I have learned so much from @ellenfromnowon

Ellen is a campaigner, writer & disabled trans activist. Also she has a famous internet cat who is adorable.

Learn more about Ellen & her work here 
These are just a few people who have supported me, educated me & empowered me as a disabled person.

Below I will be threading many more folks you should follow to learn more about disability rights & the experiences of disabled people.

Please keep adding to it #AdaptTheFeed
I hope people will keep adding to this list & that you will follow these brilliant #disabled advocates.

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