This is gold!
Will do a thread on my take on it in sometime
Any thoughts @EshnaDass @ArchNeha @Srivashist @AnupGuruvugari @change_thinker
@indrani_31 what do you think?
I promised a thread so here goes:
1. You could do many things. Don't be a sustainability manager if not driven by making a difference and willing to stay the course to see that happen..
2. Try not to to fool yourself. You are the easiest person to fool. The coverage looks sexy,
( contd) the coverage looks sexy, the grind and all the 'behind the scenes' work doesn't
3. Sustainability is about change mgmt. If challenging status quo is not your thing, then this ain't for you
4. Nobody said it was going to be easy. But some days are just too hard
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