So... this isn’t really an Alphaville thing so I thought I would tweet thread it (rather than write about it formally) as it’s both a fascinating story and an important development that the secular minded might not appreciate is going on in. Relates to this Trump tweet
I have some insight being a Pole (and a not very effective Catholic). It relates to the emerging schism developing in the Catholic Church between the traditionalists (so-called Sedevacantists) and progressive Catholics (post Vatican 2 council ).
(Apologies to those who are more informed than me and if I get any bits of this narrative wrong - I sit somewhere in between these two worlds).
But basically there is a growing notion among some traditionalists that the second Vatican council which occurred in 1962-65 and was supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit possibly wasn’t.
The general assertion as far as I understand is that malevolent forces infiltrated the Vatican and started corrupting it from within and made it more and more inclined to break from true catholic canon.
There is a connection to the prophecies of Fatima, a holy apparition of the Virgin Mary in Portugal to three young kids in which Mary shared three secrets to the children. She also showed them a vision of hell and said that unless her demands were met hell would be unavoidable
One of Mary’s demands was for the pope to consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary or else her mistakes would be repeated around the world and nations would disappear. (Or words to that effect).
This was interpreted by some as a criticism of Communism since the apparitions occurred in 1917átima
Anyway because of the political sensitivity the popes procrastinated for a long time and even when they did finally do it (Pope john Paul) it was a fudge because the consecration was of the whole world not just russia as Mary has demanded.
As a result many Fátima enthusiasts believe that the dedication never happened and we are thus on our way to fulfilling the hellish prophecies of Mary.
But there’s more!
The Fátima prophecy involved Mary handing over three secrets to the children which would only become clear at a certain time. Two children died and only one survived and became a nun (Lucy). And she finally revealed the key bits in the 60s which was the time of course of Vat2
Sorry the first two secrets were revealed earlier, it was the third one that was delayedátima
I should note also that in a bid to give the children some credibility Mary also performed the miracle of the dancing sun in front of loads and loads of spectators, which is how the whole thing became endorsed as miraculous.
So sister Lucy kept the secret to herself for years, telling only the pope, and then was finally persuaded to write it down in case she died. The whole thing was kept a massive secret for decades because the Vatican kept delaying its release. It prompted lots & lots of conspiracy
The third secret was finally released formally in 2000, and it was all a bit of an anticlimax. A vision of the Holy Father going up a big hill and being killed by soldiers. It was widely interpreted as having predicted the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul’s life in the 80s
One of the reasons for this is because there was a priest called Malachi Martin who had become a critic of Vatican 2 and asked to be released of his Jesuit vows as a result of it
Malachi Martin would do interviews and hint strongly that he had seen the true secret and that it predicted a great apostasy would consume the Catholic Church.
He even fictionalised some of the concepts to do with the apostasy in a book he wrote called Windswept House
So that’s about where we were when (totally unverified as far as I can see) reports started circulating that Putin was interested in the third secret and wanted to broach the topic with Pope Francis when they met
Meanwhile entirely separate conspiracy theories started circulating about how Putin wants the prophecies of Moscow being the Third Rome to be fulfilled (part of the mythology relating to the original eastern orthodox schism),_third_Rome
I’m really not an expert on this bit but something something that only Moscow can be a true home to Christianity as it doesn’t have the pagan foundations of Rome etc.
Which is about where we were when weird Mary related stuff started happening and making Catholics inclined to these Fátima stories start thinking about them again. Notably the great fire of Notre Dame Paris. I wrote about that here
The allegation brutally summarized is that Satan now controls the Vatican, and his agenda is to subjugate the world to communism. And that’s about where religious schisms and politics intertwine into the makings of a possible holy war.
And now it’s time to engage in some Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut Epstein conspiracy theories and the original Omen trilogy, with some sprinklings of Rosemary’s Baby. Isn’t 2020 fun!
But to be serious, the reason I note it all is because a) if you don’t know about it you’re missing out and b) because it’s the type of mystic mythology that was just waiting to be exploited by the powers that be.
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