Maa Ganga is the most sacred river and considered as Mokshadayini.
Shri Krishna says "I m the Ganges among the rivers".Maa Ganga descended to Bhuloka from Swargaloka to give Mosksha to the ancestors of king Bhagiratha.
But ,in what form Maa Ganga was in
Swargalok before her descended to earth??
-Once Devarshi Narada was on his way to Baikuntha after ending his roaming on Earth through Himalayas.
Suddenly his eyes fixed upon a beautiful valley,where a group of beautiful Gandharva and Gandharbi sitting with grief in their face.
Narada approched & asked their identity & came to know they
were Ragas & Raginis.
Meanwhile Narada noticed a unusual thing that all the Gadharva & Gandharvi were partially disabled.He asked the reason behind it & got to know that when someone deforms the notes or misuses
the music with ego they gets injuries in their body.Devarshi asked them abt the remedy.They said they will regain their original beauty after listening the divine music played by someone without ego.
And there is only one person in the Universe & he is lord shiva
Narada rush to lord Shiva & described the whole incident.
Lord Shiva agreed to sing but with a condition that there must be a learned listener in the audience, so that he can get the inspiration.
There r only two such listener in the whole univese Lord Brahma & Vishnu.
They arrived in Kailsah with great enthusiasm to listen Mahadeva's song.The entire Universe became enchanted with this. A strange thing happened ....a small part of lord Vishnu melted & formed a liquid.
That stared flowing through his feet.
Lord Brahma notice that & put that flow in his Kamandalu .
That melted form of lord Vishnu is the origin of Maa Ganga.
There are some other version of the origin of Maa ganga also.
Har Har Gange 🕉🙏🙏
Source-Antaranga Bharata by
Shri Manoj Das Sir 🙏🙏
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