I woke up with one very good insight, and I'm trying to formulate it.

This is related to knowing things not being a big deal. The big deal is in the transmission of things one knows.
So you know a thing. Congratulations. Now, you are trying to spread the thing. And then you see it is not picked up. And then you start thinking whether there's something wrong with the thing or with you. Nope. That's exactly how it is supposed to be. It is naturally hard.
This is how societies are controlled. A sophisticated society of control like WesternTM CapitalismTM is not concerned with some random airbag dumping "truth bombz" on Twitter. What they are concerned about is whether the infection of truth is under control or not.
The transmission of truths, of knowledge, is a *personalized* affair.

You need an *actual relationship,* of affection, of "trust," between two people to actually flow information and knowledge between them. You only really listen to people you actually know.
We have an overproduction of "information," but we have no real production of truth, of relationship. That's what the humanities people keep hammering on about how this "digital revolution" does, yes, have a very positive impact in the flow of information, but at a cost.
On the one hand, you amp up the production of information by itself. On the other hand, it can induce an illusion that these peer relationships in a web of information might be relationships. They are not. Not by default, no.
Internetworked society is controlled by allowing the free flow of information, but at the same time, by inducing into everyone a fear of "Surveillance" and driving a "Privacy" panic, what it means is that all of the information can reach you, but barely any channel of truth.
Since everything on the Internet is either government PropagandaTM or some capitalist/personal Marketing or an outright scam, you can't really listen to any of it. The only things you will listen to are the things that are low-risk or that you already agree with.
Even if you WANT to listen to something, you can't, because the way we naturally learn things is through a channel of affection, of truth, of a real human relationship, of which we can only handle a limited number. Exactly like a computer peer-to-peer network functions.
Our information overlay is super-ultra-connected, but our relationship, affection, trust overlays are very poorly connected.
As long as "the people" can be disconnected and reconnected to the signification mainframes of the corporate-state, it will be under control.

That's why people go to protests to be gassed by police. They don't really know why they are going there, but they know they must.
Why do I trust everything that comes from @YourAnonCentral and @GeorgieBC ? Because I met them. I actually know who they are as humans. I saw who they are and I know they are the real deal.
And that is why the "system" kills "leaders." A "leader" is a substitute for healthy peer-to-peer networks for the co-creation, the co-construction of our worldviews. A true "leader" donates themselves to serve as a proxy between everyone that "follows" them.
When we are emotionally, mentally, culturally stunted, prevented from forming actual networks of trust, of relationship, that are based on actual intellectual affinity instead of being randomized by the hierarchy for us, ...
... then we resort to "leaders," which serve as a singleton "server" of trust and affection we can connect to, in an asymmetric way.

Such "facilitators" are virtuosi. They emulate, for us, what we should be doing, which is connecting to each other at a human level.
What follows the capacity for insight is the capacity of one-on-one, direct connection of these individual insights, so that they can exchange, complement each other.
That NETWORK of real affection, etched in our psyches, as a practice, as a way of life, IS the "revolution of consciousness" itself. There's nothing else to it. The "information" we all possess is important, sure, but it's not the real wealth. They are the ideas, not the practice
That is why Universal Basic Income. That is why I'm doing a seemingly stupid "crypto currency." Because I have seen the sheer power that "online gaming" communities have since 1996. Gaming is "real" because it forms real bonds that leak into real life.
Money is used to keep our subjectivities being constantly disconnected from our peer-to-peer relationships and reconnected back into the state-industrial-capitalist-colonialist-ecocidal mainframe.
And thus we must subvert money, because money is a God that people trust and that people pay attention to.
But, again, only people with whom you have a true human connection, only people who care about *you* as a human being, will be able to truly listen to you and truly consider what you're saying. You cannot **SEE** anything if you don't have some reason to trust the information.
There are substitutes to this, such as TV appearances or follower counts on Twitter. But they are substitutes. The real, sustainable deal, is the formation of "community": of real connections; those cannot be purchased in bulk or manufactured. They are artisanal, handcrafted.
And, in fact, the best ones are not made by humans. They are gifted to us.
If everything we produce, materially, comes from highly-automated factories, but if we remember how to love and how to be human, then we will have everything we will ever need.
So, when you create a ProjectTM on the interwebs, and you need people to "join," you now have a language to understand what's going on. If you're doing something new and "weird," you're going to have to build community from scratch, or mimetize your thing as something mainstream
I think I forgot the best bits of this insight. Meh.
This "trust the information" shit does no justice to it. This entire idea that there's something called "Information" that has to be "spread" is total bollocks.

99.9% of it is you having an *exchange* of "information" bits with people you dig, trust, care about, love.
I hate "Information." This "Information", these "Facts", are sterile, brutalist. The human connection, the caring, WE are the important part, and what the exchange does to us. How we feel nourished, constructed. How we grow, how we LOVE through these... "exchanges" (aghhh).
True wealth of any person or any society are these connections. They are everything, and we must learn to be absolutely rich in them.
You cannot ultimately "save the world" because you cannot connect on behalf of others. All you can do is temporarily serve as that "leader" position and maybe you will be able to use that to teach people to actually connect, here, now, with each other.
The best computer architectures are client-server and peer-to-peer hybrids. The servers work as indices, matchmakers for peer connections.
Even in the capitalist computing world, peer-to-peer connections between consumer computers are seen as queer, suspicious, probably "pirate" or terrorist. Capitalist ISPs actively try to guess which connections are "P2P" (i.e. gay/leftist) and terminate them.
The "peer-to-peer" connection is not a "straight" connection to the capitalist ISP. It is perceived as a legal or commercial threat. The only good connection is an heterosexual TCP HTTP Port 80 connection to a *well-known* host that's not some other consumer.
This is why peer-to-peer computing will never work. The Internet is not a neutral medium. It is a hierarchical capitalist architecture. Looking at the structure of the Internet uncritically is a yuuge mistake.
Doesn't matter how much you *want* to listen and to trust someone. You *can't*, unless you spend a real, physical connection port on them.
And you have a limited number of these. The number is much higher than what we were sold (our industrial-capitalist-monetary societies are starved of these connection ports; we have been convinced we have only a tiny handful of them) but it is limited nonetheless.
This thread doesn't explain "communities" (or cults) of any sort, but this thread was free of charge, and you can probably figure out the rest
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